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Meet the Runaways


Jeff & Kalisa

We’re a New York couple who left the 9-5 city grind to pursue our passion for food, culture and travel. Together, we launched The Runaway Jamaica, a community-oriented luxury bed & breakfast. Since becoming the first and only successfully funded B&B on Kickstarter, we've expanded to new destinations around the world. We invite you to join us on The Runaway Experience.

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Explore, Connect, Be Inspired

The Runaway Experience is a global travel brand designed to foster cultural discovery through unforgettable dining experiences, personal connections with local communities and meticulously curated adventures.

Our Brand


We connect with local small businesses and boutique lodging partners to produce culturally immersive gateways in the most interesting places around the world. Each experience is meticulously curated as we celebrate culture and encourage global community. We strive to provide inspiration and adventure for our guests with the highest level of concierge services.


In partnership with today’s most vibrant and influential wellness experts, we host a select number of retreats annually. With an effective balance of relaxation, cultural immersion and personal development, these "restorative" getaways offer guests an opportunity to focus on self-care while enjoying the comforts of our handpicked destinations amidst breathtaking natural beauty.


We assemble industry leaders and creative thinkers for one-day events celebrating the convergence of tech, culture and hustle. Our events include master classes, showcases, screenings, exhibitions, and a variety of networking opportunities. We cater to those looking to get more creative in their current environment, whether freelancers, entrepreneurs, or a member of company team.


We work with marketing partners to create high quality, addictive content for mobile consumption across the world's largest social networks. From food and travel to culture and history, we excel at producing delicious and thought-provoking content in the form of video, photography, editorial and recipes.


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